It’s not that I don’t feel the pain, it’s just I’m not afraid of hurting anymore.

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It’s been about a week since I last updated this.

Moving in is hard and expensive. If it weren’t for Value Village and Salvation Army we’d be flat broke haha. 

So we arrived around 6pm on Friday, August 8th and honestly, totally not what I expected. We were greeted with a sweet bridge and a pulp mill which causes the grossest smell. To me it smells like Toronto, when everyone puts their garbage out, in the middle of a heat wave. Also everyone here drives trucks. Gigantic, noisy, engine revving trucks that’ll keep you up at night when they attempt to floor it at 3am.

Our apartment is cute though, a little run down but cute and pretty spacious. One downside, it gets extremely hot. But one awesome thing, Snowball is right at home. We left her in one room for a day, then let her explore the apartment. She was so curious and awake. It was weird. HER EYES WERE OPEN…FOR A WHILE…(She sleeps like 23 hours a day so it’s crazy that she was awake.)

We got an awesome couch and two chairs. The lady at Salvation army hated this one chair so much she gave it to us for free. Personally I love it, but it is hideous. It’s mustard yellow and has random black scuffs and marks. Also some of the nails stick out at times. BUT IT’S AWESOME OTHERWISE. We got a sweet recliner and a cool looking coffee table. 

After sleeping on an air mattress the first night, we decided we needed a legitimate mattress as neither of us really slept. Mattresses are so not cheap….But we managed to find a sweet one with memory foam. it’s like sleeping on a cloud, that just curls up around you and nuzzles you to sleep. 

We’re still missing a few pieces of furniture, such as a bed frame, night stands and chairs for our kitchen table, but other than that we’ve got a pretty sweet set up. One of our bedrooms is just full of boxes. BOX ROOM. And litter room. We don’t go in there very often. Our living room is by far the sweetest, we covered an entire wall in posters. (Thank you cineplex and blockbuster!) Although between the hot air and the fan, some of the posters are holding on for dear life. 

We haven’t really adventured around that much since it’s been incredibly hard. Well apart from getting furniture, apartment stuff and we saw Guardians of the Galaxy (me for the 3rd time, and Jose for the 2nd time). Apparently we left one of Ontario’s coldest summers and entered Prince George’s heat wave. Yaaaaay……And since we’re on the second floor we’re melting. Our fan seems to be blowing around warm air. Snowball has been sleeping behind the toilet as it seems to be the coldest place in our apartment. 

The people here seems very nice, apart from the loud obnoxious trucks, but I had that at home too. One weird thing though, they don’t have bags of milk…they have milk cartons. Also vegetables are kinda pricey here. PG has a very American feel. 

Now we’re just keeping an eye out for cheap furniture as well as a car. There was a fire a couple hours away from us and we could smell the smoke. Apparently PG is covered in a light layer of ash always from the surrounding forest fires. Woooooo


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Day 4

So this morning we went on a search for McDonalds, since we both had serious cravings for Mcgriddles. On this expedition to acquire food, we learned that we had passed through a time zone. There was no sign or anything so we looked quite clueless when we thought it was 11am when it was actually 10am. 

Jose’s Love of McGriddle:

Is there anything really quite as good as a fresh McGriddle?
The soft, warm, sticky, syrupy, delicious pancake like bread holding a perfectly salted sausage patty; and of course the folded egg to create the perfect trio of breakfast flavours. The way the sweet syrup, salty sausage and savory cheese all goes together in the mouth is a symphony of flavour only matched by the worlds best chefs and swiss chocolatiers.  

We drove for a long time in a straight line and saw very little apart from fields and farms. Saskatchewan doesn’t have a whole lot going on, so we spent most of the day driving and passed through Saskatoon. We decided to make a run for Edmonton. There’s not a whole lot to report on since I slept almost as much as snowball. It only took us about a day to get through Saskatchewan, probably because there’s nothing really worth stopping for, at least not on the Trans Canada highway. Lies. There are farms and flat land as far as the eye can see. We did manage to get a few cool photos, including one of a VW Beetle that had been turned into a flower pot and this weird green little creature, ride, thing. 

Jose went on his own mission while I was sleeping. He decided now was the time to chase the notorious Subaru rattles. Eventually he discovered this one was the radio, so he used a small plastic card to stop the rattle. 

Now we’re in Edmonton, where we booked this wicked awesome hotel. (AND SAVED 15% WUT WUT) It includes a gym, high speed internet and a, apparently super awesome, breakfast. We’re aiming to make it to our new home tomorrow which is very exciting. Neither of us have ever been to BC, much less lived in it so this is going to be so exciting. 

We’re currently curled up in a gigantic bed watching Men in Black and eating a pizza. This is the life hahaha Even Snowball is in bed with us, fast asleep, as per usual. There are so many cool cars here in Edmonton. I saw a modded ‘71 challenger. Pretty sweet, but I would have made it look more like the original. Also WE GOT A SUBARU WAVE. It’s like the Jeep community wave, but reserved for modded Subarus. Preeetttyyyy nifty. 

Last night we forgot to mention the toad or frog genocide that occurred. It was raining so naturally all these little critters were running across the road. I can’t even begin to think of the number of toads that were cut down in their prime by a vicious Subaru.

Jose’s quote:

"Deer are just gay Moose." We saw a lot of the "Prancing deer signs"

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Day 3….I think…

So tired. 

Today we managed to wake up early and leave on time. (SUCCESS) There was a lot of mist, which made for some really cool photos. We drove for a while, a long while, and got to see the Arctic Watershed then the time zone change. There were mass amounts of construction, causing rage. We’d drive for five minutes, then see construction signs, or what we call them, “man with octagon on stick” and “Man struggling with broken umbrella”. Needless to say, Jose hates man with sign. We also saw a sign in Manitoba that warns of power lines above, but all that’s on the sign is a lightening bolt. Naturally we assumed it was warning of us of lightening storms hahaha. At one point we got into a very epic discussion of whether or not this guy was sitting on a box or just crouching. We were stuck waiting for construction so this seemed like the best thing to discuss. For those of you DYING to know the outcome of this debate, he was in fact sitting on a lunch box. 

We reached Manitoba, land of the flat and vast nothingness. We got a free map from an information centre, which made us question why we had bought maps in the past. We found little trading posts and stopped at one that I had been to last year and bought shoes at. This time I stuck to fudge. So. Good. (WHAT IS FUDGE ANYWAY)

Once again we got Wendy’s, which has been keeping us fed this whole trip. Yay healthy food….chicken strips are healthy right?! :D We visited my cousin and uncle (HI LAURA!) and delivered the cheese my mom had forgotten to bring. It was our mission to deliver that cheese. We totally thought we had forgotten it since it wasn’t in the bag with food stuffs. It was discovered in another bag deep in the depths of the car along with some now questionable grapes. Unfortunately we didn’t stay for very long, just a quick little chat and then we were on our way. 

Winnipeg is very confusing and the concrete roads are no fun. Jose raged. A lot. The biggest problem is the lack of signs. As you’re driving you see the  exit you should have taken in the rear view mirror, or in our case, our awesome trailer mirror we bought at wal mart for twenty bucks. We missed our exit numerous times haha. Eventually we found our way out of winnipeg and into the flat land that is Manitoba. With it’s bumpy roads, and seemingly endless fields. We saw a crop duster. SO COOL. IT FLEW RIGHT ABOVE OUR CAR. 

Once again, Snowball slept the entire time. She’s such a great traveler. An air conditioned cat is a happy cat. 

We drove and drove and drove and drove. Oh yeah, we drove. Eventually we began searching for a place to sleep. We saw a lot of cool old buildings, including a school house that was dated 1886 - 1966. There was an abandoned house in a field that made for a pretty sweet photo. I saw the coolest looking house that looked abandoned. Then we realised I was about to take pictures and creep on a lived in house. Hah. My bad. Again, we drove in search of a place to stay.

At one point we ended up driving north instead of south TOTAL DUMB AND DUMBER STYLE. Although we didn’t drive a sixth of the way across the country in the wrong direction. So bonus. We saw a lot of little lakes and beautiful fields along the way. But no town had a place we felt was good to stay in. 

Every little town along the way has had the sketchiest Inns. They all reminded me of the motel in Planes, Trains and Automobiles where they stayed and got robbed. So, naturally we avoided those. Unfortunately it meant we had to drive for hours and hours in search of something with a less robbery feel to it. It was weird though, the towns looked so small and cute, then you’d see the Inn……..


We found a place there, which was cute, and decorated with christmas lights. 

Jose’s quotes of the day:

"Look! A tiki hut!" (he was pointing to a totem pole…long day I suppose)

"Extreme golf" (There was a gold course sign that he claimed looked like extreme golfing.)

"Tropical bowling" (No idea how he came up with this when the sign said glow bowling) 

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Day 2 on the road.

Sitting for 10 hours is really tiring. Which sounds utterly ridiculous, but it’s true. Also your butt will go numb around hour 3 or 4. We were getting so tired that we tried playing the animal game. (name an animal and the next person has to name an animal that starts with the last letter of that animal). It turned into any word, instead of animal since our brains just stopped working. 

Today was more eventful than yesterday, we actually stopped and took pictures. We also saw this, scary and funny at the same time, sign outside our motel that told us to look out for bears, deer, moose and LYNX AND COUGARS. WUUUUT. I had no idea that was a thing to fear in this area. It was also the day Jose was in complete awe of a bay and the nature that northern Ontario has to offer. It’s quite incredible. The difference between southern Ontario and northern is so vast. There’s nothing for kilometres except trees (WHITE PIIIINNNEEES), lakes and gigantic rocks. It’s all really beautiful though. 

Jose was also determined to pee in a waterfall….but we failed to stop at one. OPPORTUNITY MISSED. He was also blinded by a quarter hahahha. 

Snowball has been the best cat ever. She sits on my lap or wants to sleep in her crate. She got a little scared when we put her in her carrier and climbed a cliff. Which, y’know, isn’t really surprising. She’s a trooper though and just sat in her carrier, her paw in my hand, until we got back to the car, where she promptly fell asleep for around 5 hours. We’re also pretty sure she farted in her sleep….WORST. SMELL. EVAR. 

We saw a lot of abandoned buildings, including a gas station that looked like it had actually blown up. Naturally we explored it. It was full of tires that looked brand new, as well as a lot of melted glass which was so cool. Tires everywhere. There was an old trailer next to it that had collapsed on itself. Of course it was full of seemingly new tires. We also climbed a little cliff and made an inukshuk. We met some nice Americans, who offered to take a picture of us, and prospectors. (Seriously, they were looking for gold, GOLD I TELL YOU) 

So many trucks on the road. It was really us and trucks, with a few scattered cars. A truck tried to pass us on a hill, got closer to the top, and couldn’t get by. MUAHA WE MORE POWERFUL. 

We stopped for food in Wawa. There’s nothing in Wawa besides restaurants, and every one of them had something to do with steak or pizza, except the Chinese food place. 

Once again, we scraped because SOMEONE did not listen to me when I said there was a big bump ahead and we should slow down. TYPICAL MAN I TELL YA. 

Jose had a sweet idea to take, whilst driving, a picture through the sunroof. I took it to the next level and shot some videos. They’re really boring, but they give you an idea what the scenery looked like. 

There’s a storm brewing right now :o MUCH DARK. SO CLOUDS. VERY STORM. 

We should probably sleep at a decent time tonight since we didn’t get moving until 9am -_-‘. Altogether we are six hours behind where we should be. But this is why we’re taking a week to get to our new place. We’re probably only going to be further behind. HOPEFULLY tomorrow we actually make it to Manitoba, since right now we managed to make it just passed Thunder Bay. 

Jose’s quotes of the day:

"Look! The trees are growing vertically!" (they were growing on the side of cliffs)

"We’re going to Canada!" I can’t even remember the context of this, it’s ridiculous nonetheless. 

Ps. he did eventually poop. HOORAY. 

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Photos from yesterday. :o

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Today we drove and drove and drove. Saw trees. More trees. Some rocks. A few more trees. Water. Trees, rocks and water. I got very angry at a radio commercial and turned off the radio, because apparently changing the channel was just not an option. We figured out the key to obtaining bliss for snowball. Put her on the floor and blast the AC to our feet. She slept for 4 hours straight. 

Moose are everywhere and they will charge towards cars (according to the millions of signs). 

We also learned that finding a motel in northern Ontario is super easy, but finding one that is still in business is not. Hello hordes of abandoned buildings, goodbye opportunities to sleep in a bed. Just kidding, we managed to find a place across from a lake after instantly nopeing one further down the road. Snowball was not pleased with being locked in the bathroom and hid behind the toilet. I coaxed her out with food, so now she’s sleeping in her crate.  

I learned that Jose had never heard of Hanson, nor their song mmm bop. Needless to say I was horrified.

Also according to Jose I am a creep because I take pictures of people’s houses because I think they’re nice looking. 

There was also this sign that looked like a stick man biking over spikes. No idea what it means. 

Not a lot of scraping today**, except one minor hiccup where he drove too fast over a large bump and scraped the mud flaps. 

We saw a man on a motorcycle with a poodle. A POODLE. A BLACK CURLY WURLY POODLE. ON A CHEST CARRIER, LIKE A BABY. 

The people at wendy’s tried to rip us off by giving us only one order of chicken strips when we paid for two. FIENDS. 

We stopped a few trading posts, picked up some little trinkets, Jose refused to buy $25 underwear that had a beaver and the saying “dam it”. Big loss if you ask me. 

Jose quotes of the day:

"Man, the trans Canada highway is lumpy. It made me scrape."
"THERE’S A GIANT DICK IN THE SKY." (there was a very long cloud formation)

**for those of you who don’t get this, it means his car is so low that his mud flaps will scrape against a large pebble at times. (Or steep bump, whatever) It’s also a very big deal to him and I see his soul die a little every time it happens. 

Jose is the baby of the family and must submit progress reports on the trip. It’s cute and funny. My mom asked me to bring the cheese she forgot for my uncle. 

Anyhoo, hopefully we make it to Winnipeg tomorrow to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins and maybe my parents, depending on whether or not they stuck around for a bit longer. 

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